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King Cakes : Traditional King Cake
Traditional King Cake

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Traditional King Cake
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A traditional New Orleans king cake served only during the carnival season. It is made of a sweet dough, shaped like a ring, and decorated with icing, sprinkles, and a small plastic baby. The person who finds the baby in their slice of cake is said to have good luck and is crowned the King or Queen of the Day. The traditional colors used to decorate the cake are purple, green, and gold, which correspond to justice, faith, and power, respectively.

Our Traditional King Cake is for the no frills approach to enjoying Mardi Gras. None of the fancy throws, just a delicious 2 pound Gourmet King Cake, a plastic Mardi Gras baby, and a Taste of Mardi Gras flyer. The King Cake will serve 15 - 20 people.

No Mardi Gras party is complete without a slice of King Cake. These super sweet cakes are a one-of-a-kind combination of coffee cake and French pastry. You will know it is a King Cake, because they are decorated in Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold. There ia plastic baby to be hidden inside.According to tradition, whoever finds the baby is then crowned as king and tasked with hosting the party.

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I Got the Baby! What does it mean if you find the baby in the king cake?

The person to find the baby in their slice of King Cake gets to be "king" or "queen" for a day and is also said to have good luck. The person also is expected to carry on the carnival festivities by hosting the next King Cake party.

2023 King Cake Season

The 2023 King Cake season starts on Twelfth Night or Epiphany January 6th through Mardi Gras February 21st, 2023.

Annual Tradition A taste of Mardi Gras shipped nationwide.

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